Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Silver 1/2oz Australia America Alliance Coin Toning with Milk Spots

Below are images of Silver War of the Pacific 1/2oz Australia America Alliance Coin produced by the Perth Mint with Toning/Milk Spots that look as though they will eventually tone gold as a golden hue is appearing on many of them,

i have taken some close-ups of some particularly milk-spot effected coins.. as i have hypothised in early posts, we may find out that milk spots are one form of stage one silver toning.. this is certainly an optimistic outlook and only time will tell.. i will keep you posted.

These coins forming toning and milk spots may be considered anecdotial evidence that the recent line of Perth Mint uncapsuled Silver Bullion may all have similar problems namely

1/2oz Silver 999 Saltwater Crocidile
1/2oz Silver 999 War in the Pacific #2 release

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