Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Slave Queen One Ounce 999 Silver Medallion Silver Bullet Silver Shield Series - Brilliant Uncirculated

The third release in the Silver Bullet Silver Shield Series is the Slave Queen Medallion.

”Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws”. – Mayer Rothschild
The first release of the Silver Bullet Silver Shield series struck at the heart of the Debt and Death paradigm, with the Rothschild banking family.

Now it is time to get to the figure head of it, Queen Elizabeth. The long and bloody trail of the British Empire has a record that cannot be matched.

Believe it or not, the British have invaded 9 out of 10 nations on Earth in their pursuit of global domination. Literally only 22 nations have not felt the Debt and Death of the British Empire. And yet, some how we hold this family in high esteem? Well, no more.

Their Royal power is a dying form of Elitism that needs to be brought to a symbolic end. It seems every few years they update the Queen’s profile to show her age over the past 60 years, now it is time to look at the true nature of this Elitist ruler that is on the back of so many silver coins. The stunning sculpting of Heidi Wastweet is back in the Slave Queen.

In the band of the Queen’s crown, the word OBEY is prominently displayed under 3 famous symbols.
The first symbol is a Poppy blossom symbolizing the many decade Opium War against China. The British had long had a silver trade deficit with China with the consumption of China’s silk and tea. The British West India company used the illegal drug importation of Opium to settle the enormous silver trade deficit Britain had with China. This form of colonialism ultimately gave rise to Mao’s bloody Communistic Revolution and China has never been the same since.

The second symbol is the Rothschild crest that made it’s first appearance on the Debt and Death Medallion. The banking power took whatever real power from this royal figurehead long before she was born.

The final symbol is the all seeing eye of Horus that the Elite love to flaunt over us.

The side is completed with the real message behind what the Elite’s are telling their serfs with the stiff upper lip mentality, KEEP CALM AND SLAVE ON


  1. What about the evil american empire right now destroying the middle east. The stinking self righteousness blame everyone
    else take a look at your self america has blood on it,s hands.

    1. The coin makes the point. Slave. We all want to be free. JFK was kill to keep them in control of US money our banking system the Federal Reserve is owned by who? It is not owned by we the people of the United States or our Government. The Federal Reserve is a private bank owned by someone.... There are a lot of things that we American's are kept in the dark and would be ashamed of...and should be... We are very controlled and manipulated and they are now passing laws to control the internet. There are people that put themselves in danger of life and jail time for putting the info out. It is illegal for our elected officials even to walk into a Bilderberg Group meeting. We go to work pay taxes and more taxes for who? Maybe 40% now??? 10 more % either my wife or I will be working for free to the government. 40+40=80. 50+50=100% slave. Isn't that nice. ;o)