Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Consumerism (Santa Slave) One Ounce Silver 999 Medallion / Round Silver Bullet Silver Shield

2013 Consumerism One Ounce Silver 999 Medallion

There are few things more iconic than Santa Claus and the holiday season. Far from the original message and purpose, the holiday season has now become a time focused almost exclusively on gift giving.

With "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" sales taking over the nation every year, Consumerism has killed a once beautiful holiday. 

The design of this round by Heidi Wastweet deals with the embodiment and typification of this obsession with consumption. The skeletonized Santa Claus holds a familiar credit card with words "Slave Card" replacing the brand name and instead of his usual accoutrements he holds a chain of slavery in his right hand and his belt buckle is emblazoned with the five arrows of the Rothschilds family crest. 

In the background are the presents that once were merely a part of the holiday but now have almost become it's only purpose.

The word Consumerism is featured on the coin is a familiar font, not only paying homage to the commercialization of the holiday, but also holding up a light to systemic problem. 

Advertising has taken control of many aspects of our life. The reverse features the standard SBSS crest and message and the year 2013.

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