Friday, February 1, 2013

Perth Mint 2013 Silver Bullion Privy Mark Coin Releases

This year The Perth Mint will be releasing three silver bullion coins featuring privy marks.

Traditionally, a privy mark is a small mark of differentiation in the design of a coin added for the purpose of identifying the mint.

The Perth Mint revived the ancient practice with a memorable series of silver bullion Kookaburra releases during the 1990s.

This year we are issuing Australian Kookaburra and Australian Lunar silver bullion coins featuring the addition of privy marks.

Each release is individually approved in law as a new Australian legal tender coin with its own mintage arrangement. (see Mintage Policy – 3. Coin Variations).

The 2013 releases, which will appear in February, comprise:


1oz Australian Lunar Snake with Bavarian Lion Privy Mark

- Maximum mintage: 100,000
- Manufactured for distribution by one of our wholesale clients based in Germany.

2013-one-ounce-kookaburra-with-lunar snake-Privy-Mark-perth-mint-australia

1oz Australian Kookaburra with Snake Privy Mark

- Maximum mintage: 50,000
- Manufactured for distribution by wholesale clients based in the United States and Germany.

1oz Australian Kookaburra with F15 Privy Mark

- Maximum mintage: 15,000
- Manufactured exclusively for the Europe-based distributor of the Fabulous 15 Silver Coin program.

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